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Summer Progress, an oxymoron?

Posted in General News on May 31, 2007 by consortiumoffools

So it’s now summer and I had so many plans. Well, I still have them. They include reading all those books I’ve been putting off. The plans also include writing more. But look at me now, it’s been a month since I last even typed anything out on here. And this is the easiest form of publishing!

So my book list includes Capote’s “In Cold Blood” and Orwell’s “1984.” I have these important books that I need to read to prove to everyone that I’m learn-ed. This relates to the real reason I vote. It’s not because I think my votes matter, I just want to answer people, “Yes, actually, I fuckin’ did vote!” When people ask me how American I am. But I digress.

I have grand plans. I need a writing job. My current job of driving other people’s cars is fun, and I’ve driven the hell out of some pretty badass cars, but it’s not really helping my career. I now know what getting the rear tires loose in a BMW M3 in the middle of an intersection is like, as well as getting a 505 hp C6 Corvette ZO6 sideways in an underground parking garage, not to mention the plush, yet powerful, feel of a new supercharged Range Rover, but really, will that help me get a writing job? Hopefully it is a start on the way to automotive writing. I know it has helped me. Now amidst car discussions with gear heads I can chime in, “I’ve driven an STi. Over-fucking-rated.” How annoying to my conversational peers.

So, a writing job. Most I’ve seen are volunteered internships. fuck. I really like the valet salary. But is a few thousand worth the opportunity to add a real job to my resumé? The coolest thing would be to internship for a car magazine, but that’s a few steps in the future. Valet-> PR Boner -> Newspaper Journalist-> Magazine Intern -> Magazine Contributor-> Magazine Writer. That’s a possible chain of events. I really would like to cut out the Newspaper bit. AP style is the absolute devil and news is so damn bland. I don’t want to consumer report, I want to offend and judge. I want to drive the shit out of a Murcielago, then talk about how poorly it was designed, and how, if only Lambo had consulted me, it could have been done much better.

P.S. Grassroots Motorsports Magazine rocks ass!