The Cheap and Easy

No, I’m not talking about your mom, I mean this web site.

I want to start my own web site, yet managing time can be difficult, especially when hanging out is top priority.

I downloaded some web site creating software of questionable legality and proceeded to confuse myself. The idea of creating a web site is simple. Just make a thing, then have a side thing and links to various profound other things like But when I sat down to do it, I found out that there are way too many buttons in Dream Weaver to comprehend. I still don’t fully understand photo shop.

So here I am, posting meaningless lexical units in a forced manner to appeal to masses that don’t exist. Disregard the previous sentence. Whenever I hear “blog,” I think of faux-intellegent paragraphs stuffed with jargon. Thus the name of my blog, I guess. The internet is one large consortium of fools.


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